API Attribution Requirements

Please help us spread the word about Resource Watch and attribute us when you use it.

The Resource Watch API is a project initiated by World Resources Institute, Vizzuality, and the Resource Watch partnership to simplify the process of accessing data services across the web to create maps, graphs, and other visualizations. This document explains how you should attribute Resource Watch when building on our API.

Attribution Requirements

Please help us spread the word about Resource Watch and attribute us when you use it. When using the Resource Watch API, or building maps charts or other visualizations on the Resource Watch API, you are required to attribute Resource Watch as follows.


  • Websites that use the Resource Watch API must include the “powered by Resource Watch” logo linking to http://resourcewatch.org on pages that make use of the Resource Watch API.

Embedded Graphics

  • Graphics, charts, and maps created using the Resource Watch API must include the text and link “powered by Resource Watch” if the Resource Watch logo does not appear elsewhere on the page.

Logo use

  • You may not use the Resource Watch logo except as above, or with prior written consent from the Resource Watch team.

Resource Watch is Open Source

The Resource Watch API is open source. It is open source because we believe that our work should benefit the public good, and that transparency increases the quality of our work. Moreover, as we benefit from the goodwill of thousands of other open source projects, so too do we give back. The code base is publicly available on Github.

The majority of our source code is licensed under an MIT License. This means that anyone can use the code, in any way, with one requirement:

  • Copies or derivatives of the code must include the original copyright notice.

Resource Watch Promotes Open Data

The majority of the data hosted through the Resource Watch API is open data, that is, data that is freely available for anyone to use for any purpose. Nonetheless, each dataset carries its own license, which is listed in the dataset metadata, and on the dataset’s page on the Resource Watch website.

  • If you wish to reuse or redistribute a dataset found on Resource Watch, you are required to follow the license terms of the dataset.