Let’s build a more sustainable world together.

We couldn’t do this on our own. Resource Watch is a global partnership of public, private, and civil society organizations convened by World Resources Institute to provide trusted and timely data for a sustainable future.

Founding partners

Anchor funders


Data providers

The following data providers have been active in helping us access and interpret data that would otherwise not be available on Resource Watch. We also thank the many governments and institutions, not listed here, that have made their data widely open and accessible.

About the partnership

Partners support Resource Watch by

  • Providing technical resources such as storage, computing, and technical expertise,
  • Contributing data and insights on what’s happening around the world and how data can be used to drive action,
  • Guiding system design to ensure Resource Watch is useful to a wide variety of users,
  • Supporting the use of Resource Watch in specific communities who can utilize the data to advance a more sustainable future,
  • Building on Resource Watch to create custom products and applications, and
  • Providing financial support to enable Resource Watch to stay up to date and provide free information to people around the globe.