The Tilia Fund is a partnership of private donors interested in solving the world's environmental problems. Their primary mission is to reduce the threat of global climate change, advance energy efficiency and renewable energy, reduce reliance on coal, and protect the world’s forests.

The Tilia Fund partners with other funders to support effective organizations and initiatives in each space. Their energy work aims to bring energy efficiency and renewable energy sources to scale and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Often, it costs very little to use cleaner alternatives, and with the right policies and novel financing mechanisms tens of billions of dollars of investment can be unlocked to grow efficiency and renewable energy resources. The Tilia Fund also support global energy efficiency standards that protect consumers from paying the hidden cost of sloppy engineering or construction practices. The fund's support for land, forest, and species conservation emphasizes reducing demand for illegal timber and wildlife, and rigorous monitoring and verification of protected lands.

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