Coral Disease and Bleaching Observations

Global observations of coral disease (1970-2010) and coral bleaching (1963-2012)

  • Source: ReefBase


The ReefBase Coral Bleaching and Coral Diseases dataset provides observation details of coral bleaching and disease occurrences around the world. The data indicates observations of global coral reefs, whether there was observed disease or bleaching, and if so, the type of disease or severity of the bleaching.

The data was compiled by the United Nations Environment Programme’s World Conservation Monitoring Center (UNEP-WCMC) and have been updated by ReefBase since 2002.


Coral disease and bleaching data is sourced from literature, postings on the coral-list, the ReefBase online Bleaching Report, and through collaborations with numerous institutions and individuals. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) also contributed to the dataset. For the full documentation, please click on the “Learn more” button.

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Additional data on monitoring sites, marine protected areas, reef locations, and International Coral Reef Action Network sites are available from the data provider. Please click on the “Download from source” button to find this data on the source website.

Coordinates provided in the source data were used to map this data for display on Resource Watch.


Excerpts of this description page were taken from the source metadata. Resource Watch shows only a subset of the dataset. For access to the full dataset and additional information, click on the “Learn more” button.

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ReefBase Global Database: Threats


The database does not seem to have been updated past 2012 for bleaching and 2010 for disease. Reports may not be comprehensive of all bleaching events on all reefs. Many of the bleaching records do not specify the severity of bleaching events. Data on bleaching can be submitted by anyone.

Suggested citation

ReefBase: A Global Information System for Coral Reefs. n.d. "Coral Bleaching Data Set." Accessed through Resource Watch, (date).



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1963-2012 (Bleaching) 1970-2010 (Disease)

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