Coral Reef Locations

Global coral reef locations in 2005

  • Source: UNEP-WCMC/WorldFish Centre/WRI/TNC
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The UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), WorldFish Centre, World Resources Institute (WRI), and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) compiled the Global Coral Reef map in 2010 to provide a baseline of data to use in monitoring and managing global coral reefs. This map can be used to reference whether local developments will be at risk of putting pressure on coral reefs. They can also be used as a base layer for further research into threats to global reefs, as was done by the Reefs at Risk project, led by WRI ( The date of content is from 1954 to 2009, and data sources include the Millennium Coral Reef Mapping Project (IMaRS-USF and IRD 2005; IMaRS-USF 2005) and the World Atlas of Coral Reefs (Spalding et al. 2001). Resource Watch shows only a subset of the data set. For access to the full data set and additional information, see the Learn More link.

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Global Distribution of Coral Reefs (2010)


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UNEP-WCMC, WorldFish Centre, WRI, and TNC. 2010. "Global Distribution of Warm-Water Coral Reefs." Compiled from multiple sources including the Millennium Coral Reef Mapping Project. Version 1.3. Includes contributions from IMaRS-USF and IRD 2005, IMaRS-USF 2005, and Spalding et al. 2001. Cambridge, UK: UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. Accessed through Resource Watch, (date).


United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC)
WorldFish Centre
World Resources Institute (WRI)
The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

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