Let's tune in to our
planet's signals together

Toward a future where every human can hear the earth's
signals and take care of our planet and its people

We have a massive opportunity
to build a sustainable society

The world's resources are becoming scarce; at the same time, we aren't providing enough for everyone to live well and prosper.

But with trends in mobile phone use, big data processing and global citizenship, we have never been in such a good position to tackle these interrelated issues head on. We just need a way to listen to our planet's signals, together, and broadcast what we learn to those who can use it.

what signals?

What signals?

At the cutting-edge of earth observation technology, we are now able to detect the mass of water in lakes and rivers, the change in mass of aquifers and, soon, we’ll be able to detect soil moisture. Throw in data from traditional, ground-based sensors and some social media insights, and you could have a very powerful picture of the state of the world’s water.

And that’s just for water...

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An open platform
to listen, learn and act

Resource Watch, an open platform for everyone to explore accurate, up-to-date insights about our planet.

Anyone can create visualisations or apps, using data from satellites, sensors and social media, to tell stories about the state of our planet.

Then, with seamless sharing tools, show the world what you've learnt and inspire action.

What can I do with Resource Watch?


Apps and alerts to make sustainable decisions every day

Using the data in Resource Watch, you could find out the big issues affecting your area or look deeper into the footprint of the things you buy. With this insight at hand you can identify the sustainable options, or share your findings in your community to inspire action.



Tell stories that matter to galvanise support for big issues

The Resource Watch platform has the tools you need to build maps, graphs and stories about the biggest social and environmental issues facing our planet now and in the coming decades. Through integration with global citizenship platforms (like change.org) you can facilitate immediate actions and engagement.



Free, accurate and timely data for the decisions that matter

Collecting and analysing the data to inform policies, enforce legislation and review effectiveness is an expensive and time-consuming process. With Resource Watch’s dashboards and alerts, available at a range of scales, we can package the data to make it as easy as possible for staff across government to take care of their resources.



Reliable data for your analysis, models and investigations

With the tools available in the Resource Watch web application you will be able to combine a range of datasets and perform unique analyses, uncovering insights to build our global knowledge. The simple download tools and API then help you plug the data into models or perform deeper analysis offline.



APIs and documentation to save the world, one app at a time

Using our public API, you can feed Resource Watch data into your applications or build new, focused apps that highlight how people can make decisions for a more sustainable world. We have a couple of ideas ourselves; get in touch to find out more.


And more...

A world of opportunity awaits you

With all this data and processing power at your disposal, there’s a whole host of opportunities awaiting. What about delivery drivers using information about the environment and their cities to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and levels of pollution in the city?


Partners to join us
on the journey

  • CartoDB
  • Descartes Labs
  • Astro Digital
  • DigitalGlobe
  • espa
  • esri
  • theEARTHGenome
  • Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
  • Google
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
  • NERC
  • Research Into Results
  • Sida
  • Tilia Fund
  • UMD
  • UNDP
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Vizzuality